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"I can't really put how grateful I am for everything that Matt and Mark did for me into words. I've always struggled with self confidence and the idea of actually believing in myself, but I never have to worry about that with them. They always make sure that I feel safe and included, no matter how I look or what my skill level is and I don't think I am ever really going to be able to thank them enough for that."

- Brooklyn


"Mark has been our daugher's dance teacher for the past three years and his lessons have made an enormous difference to her confidence. She loves her dance classes, which are always fun and challenging at the same time. Mark's teaching style places great emphasis on co-operation and developing autonomy, whereby he encourages own song choices or creating free-style choreography. Mark is always full of enthusiasm and has a great rapport with everyone." 

- Agi


"I love working with Mark and Matt as they have helped me succeed in singing, acting and dance. Even though I have only spent a few years with them, they have been very encouraging and they have helped me increase my confidence. During any group activity they made sure everyone was always included."

- Adrianna


"Our daughter started singing lessons with Matt 3 years ago and she loves them! She was convinced she couldn't sing, but with Matt's encouragement she was able to find her own voice and she now loves to perform."

- James



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