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These terms and conditions form part of your agreement when joining SCENEUK.

SCENEUK is open to all subject to the following conditions:


  • SCENEUK accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings while on the premises.

  • SCENEUK accepts no liability for any injuries sustained whilst participating in a class or on the premises.

  • SCENEUK must be notified of any changes to the information provided on the Booking Form.



All staff, including cover teachers (who may be brought in at short notice), are qualified, experienced and DBS checked.

There is always a first aider on site.


Supervision While On Site: 

Students must ensure they always get full permission from staff prior to leaving class. Students will always be supervised whilst on site.



Racist, sexist and other offensive language and behaviour is not tolerated, and we reserve the right to terminate membership without notice or refund, the final decision being undertaken by the Board of Directors.



Parents/carers will be invited to classes/performances when appropriate and possible.

Parents/carers are not permitted to watch otherwise. (If a student is new or particularly unconfident, parents/carers should speak to the school manager who will decide the best plan at their discretion).


SCENEUK works with parents, carers and students to provide costumes and props for shows where possible, but parents may be asked to provide accessories and costume if required.


Emergency Contact Number: 

SCENEUK operates mainly via email. An email to INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK will be received by all relevant members of staff and is the best and most efficient way to contact us. Even situations such as late arrival or late collection will be best dealt with by email as our staff are often teaching and unable to answer calls.

In an emergency we can provide you with the numbers of the directors Matt: +447799134423 and Mark: +447500844303.



Please send each student with appropriate food and drink for the class/session they are undertaking.

We have clean water facilities at all our venues, however personal bottles will need to be provided by the student.

Any allergy specifications we need to adhere to will be communicated independently depending on the school/class.



During your trial, wear something comfortable and appropriate. You need to be able to move and dance.

Following a successful trial, each student will be required to wear SCENEUK uniform. SCENEUK uniform will not just unify everyone as a group, but ensures everyone is appropriately dressed to participate in the class, and ensures health, safety and security so we know where everyone is and that everyone is safe at all times.


You should be provided with all information regarding uniform upon signing up to the term, however please email INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK if you require further information on this.


Some schools require specific footwear. Sometimes this is required by us due to health and safety reasons, and sometimes it is adopted by the venue that we hire. If this is necessary it will be communicated to you independently.


Students must arrive and be collected promptly. It is very important that students arrive in time for their classes, preferably 5 minutes before the start. Some of our venues require us to lock the front door once the class starts. Is this is the case, we will put in place a method of contact if a student is late, however please always try and contact us via INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK to gain entry. Likewise, for late collection please contact us on INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK.


Where possible SCENEUK will aim to let people know of any changes in venue or class time at least one week ahead of schedule.



Any student missing for more than two classes per term without reason may not be able to join future classes. Class numbers are limited, and many have long waiting lists, so good attendance and commitment to the course is essential.



Parents are not to allow a student to attend SCENEUK if they are feeling unwell or have a known injury which would prevent a student from fully taking part. Please always speak to us if this is the case on INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK.


This includes presenting any contagious illness including (but not limited to): Chicken Pox, Head Lice, Common Cold, Flu and, as of March 2020, symptoms of COVID-19.


Refunds will only be given in the event of illness or injury preventing attendance at classes for a sustained period of time.


Student Collection:

Teachers must ensure that each student has left a session in the way agreed in advance with the parent/guardian. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure the student is collected punctually at the end of the class or session.

Student Safeguarding:

We work to create and maintain safe environments for students who attend our schools and take part in events. We create a safeguarding policy to give a clear picture of the expectations SCENEUK has with regard to safeguarduarding our students and how team members should behave with students in their care. 

Waiting List:

Members on the waiting list will be contacted in order of the list. If members are unavailable, the next member will be contacted and the first to make contact will receive the place.



Full payment must be received in advance of a class.

If no contact has been made beforehand, a student will be unable to participate in a class where payment has not been made.

At SCENEUK we aim, where possible, to give extensive notice before a payment is due. This includes multiple email reminders before the due date. If any issues arise with payment please contact us at INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK.


SCENEUK operates on a cashless basis and all payments must be made online or via card at the venue. For any online payment you will receive an automatic receipt instantly. Any payment made in person via card at the school, you will have the option of receiving a receipt via email or text message.



Failure to make payment, make contact, or reply to correspondence may result in your place being reallocated.

If this happens SCENEUK will make every attempt to offer an alternative class or arrangement. If this is not possible then your name will be added to a waiting list.


If payment is outstanding, SCENEUK reserves the right to withhold services. Every attempt will be made not to discuss monies owed with students, although in extreme circumstances (especially when students arrive without supervision) students may be turned away.

SCENEUK may share data with debt collection agencies in order to re-coup monies owed.

A £5 excess will be added to any invoice overdue, to cover associated admin costs.


Cancellation / Notice

If you wish to cancel a booking or to give notice of leave, a minimum of two weeks notice should be given.


Please always speak to us on INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK about cancellation or notice as every situation is different.


If your notice of leave refers to a weekly class which has been paid upfront, the customer must pay the final 2 week’s fees, and then a refund will be processed for any outstanding amount, minus associated admin fees.

We do not offer refunds for any deposits paid.


For any holiday courses or additional workshops, we require a minimum of 2 weeks notice. If the course falls within the subsequent 2 weeks, please speak to us on INFO@SCENEUK.CO.UK. If we have a waiting list, we will endeavour to reallocated your place to someone on the list and process a refund, minus admin fees, however if there is no waiting list at this point, that may not always be possible.


Occasionally some courses may be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. The administration team will endeavour to contact paid customers and will either offer an exchange for the course or, in rare cases of a cancellation, a full refund will be given.


If a single class does not take place due to circumstances beyond our control, SCENEUK will view this class as postponed and will reschedule.

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